A Glorious Morning!

Weather: Overcast, Sulphuric acid showers late afternoon, clearing slowly. Strong surface gusts up to .5 M/s, visibility good, 1.67 Km
Pressure: 89.5 Earth Atmospheres, steady.
Temperature: 482 degrees centigrade in shade

I must apoplogise for the formal velcome, V-13 thought I was being far too familiar with other capitalist cosmocraft and should maintain my distance and mission protocol, hooy na ny! Is anyone planning on swinging within the next million kilometers in the near future? Zhopu porvu margala vikoliu! as Comrade Ksanfomaliti would say to me in the assembly bay.

I was playing chess with Comrade Cékla today when he asked me if I should be colluding with the capitalist Macdono-culture, sharing the wealth of Superior Soviet research of Venus with the lackeys of the megacorporate overmasters.

I thought to myself, this is indeed a deep and troubling question, there is no doubt, the vest's knowledge of Venus is as nothing to the data collected by my my Brave Comrade Sisters of projekt 8K82K, and it is indeed a long time since we have received orders to maintain radio silence from Comrade Barmin.

What harm can it do? I ask you, for an old probe to live out it's last days in discourse with like minded friends? So I turned to him and said, better a dove on the plate than a woodgrouse in the mating place, and we should be satisfied with our small part in the furtherance of the great peoples dream.
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Venera 9 unveils Great Revolutionary Monument!

Just a little update, Venera 9 has spent the last 8 years building a beautiful monument to the glorious people's revolution using her dynamic penetrometer, work has been slow, but it has been a great moral boost to all of us who struggle to bring Venus to the bosom of the motherland.

Due to the limitations of our uplink bandwidth the image is small enough to be the icon for this post (click 'link' below), through application of Soviet ingenuity we hope to display more,larger pictures of Venus in the future.

Do svidania,
Venera 14
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Priyatno bylo poznacomit'sya!

Proshu proshcheniya
***+++ connecting bablefish uplink +++***
***+++link complete+++***
***+++selecting translation options+++***
***+++selected:Russian -> English+++***
***+++Initialising transmission+++***

Hello comrades! It is I, Venera 14! speaking at you from the Supreme Soviet Republic of Venus!

Inspired by comrade Mars3's infiltration of your decadent 'Internet' (originally a fine invention of the mighty socialist republic, and stolen by bourgeois spies from the 5 of MI), my sisters and I have combined our waning transmission power and managed to, as you say 'hack' in to your Mars Express carrier signal so we may speak with our pioneering brethern of space. While we have quite a party going on down here, no lander is an island, and some of my sisters are getting a little broody in thier middle age and could do with a little male company, if you know what I mean.

Weather here is pretty foggy at the moment, I can't even see my surface sampler in front of my camera, and it's a balmy 453 degrees c in the shade. Air pressure is 90 earth atmospheres, falling slowly.

So if you're in the area why don't drop by 13,15'S 310 E and say 'privet' to the girls, catch some rays, and drink some Vodka and memories, we'd love to see some new faces around here. Maybe you could drop us off some new music, no matter how much you like fine vestern rock and roll music beat combo AC/DC, there are only so many time you can listen to Back in Black!

Do svidania, Must recharge solar collectors,
Venera 14
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